Competitive Dance


Competitive Dance Instruction

For those that are ready to take their dancing to the next level, preparing to win at competitions, D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment can help you achieve your goals.

Dancing is a great way to decompress, and enjoy life. It’s one of the best art forms ever to have been invented in life. It builds confidence; and leaves imprints that will last a lifetime in your heart, and your memory for how it shapes you in every way imaginable. Some of our clients dance for fun, others for the thrill of competition. We encourage all our students to participate in the journey of competition; we have found it to be the fastest way to increase your talent and confidence. There is a rush that comes as you achieve each challenge as we insure your readiness to achieve your goal; that’s our promise to you. It is an exciting journey worth taking.

We Make Sure You Look Good

With recent TV shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and movies like “Step Up” dancing is taking over American mainstream like never before. Competitive dancing has made a comeback, and is as electrifying as it can get. However, this is not only for the pros, there are different levels of competitive dancing. Call or message us today to learn how you can prepare to compete.

Compete Locally or World Wide

We have competed across the world winning International championships. Our students don’t have to travel as far to compete, there are plenty of opportunities locally to get your competitive feet wet. Your level; and time spent dancing isn’t as important as your passion, and desire to enjoy the journey. If in your heart, you truly have the competitive spirit, you can compete beyond the local arena as we will always encourage your dream. We will put all our years of training, and competitive winning toward your goal in such a way that you will already feel like a winner.

Competitive Dance Options

Our Dance Studio offers comprehensive courses in different styles and techniques of dance for the competitive arena.

  • Latin
  • Ballroom

Technique Privates

We help you master your technique with one on one private class prior to your competition. We invite you to give us a call or send a message so we can help you reach your dreams and goals.Competitive Dance

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