Kids Dance

Dance is one of the Best Ways to Build Confidence for the Youth in Our Community

At D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment Dance Studio, we believe kids that dance are able to enjoy a productive, healthier life. Dancing gives you confidence, and courage to conquer any challenge in the world. Our teachers are trained to be patient, and informative while working with our kids of all ages. Weather it’s from kids ballet to salsa, for competition, or just for the sheer pleasure, we provide an environment for kids to express themselves through the art of dance.

Our dance classes for kids are dedicated to ages 5 thru teens. As beginners, growing in their experience, D’Wilfri Dance Studio will help build confidence and a positive self-image to all our kids. We believe expression is very important in the life of our young people, and who better to express themselves than our kids, and what better place but on the dance floor.

D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment Dance Studio

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