Tango Dance Lessons in Santa Clarita

A Dance for Romance, Learn to Dance Passionately

The Tango is often considered to be one of the most passionate of all dance forms. This dramatic, and progressive dance is characterized by provoking turns, shifts, tilts, and staccato-like movements. Come to D’Wilfri DanceArt and Entertainment Dance Studio to learn both the Argentinean, and American Tango. Both of these popular dance styles are perfect for developing close partner communication, musicality, and of course passion in the dance!

The origins of the Tango

Tango first originated in Africa, and the West Indies before becoming the most beloved dance in Argentina. But it wasn’t until the 1920’s that Tango came to North America via film stars that made the dance popular. Since then, the dance style has never gone out of “style” and continues to increase in love and popularity.

A foundation for dance

Our Tango program provides excellent training for beginners to develop confidence, and timing, while helping the more experienced dancers of Santa Clarita to perfect, and refine their technique. Open to both couples and singles. NO PARTNER IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE.Dance The Tango

To receive comprehensive training in Tango

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