Ballet is a dance of grace, courage, and execution. It is probably one of the most challenging, and technical dances in the world. When you dance Ballet, it should be taught with an appreciation for you as a student, and the dance itself. Though Ballet is a difficult dance to learn for its discipline and form, we will make it a very rewarding experience for sure. This is why we offer beginner, as well as advanced levels of instruction in both group and private, one-on-one sessions.

Training in Ballet will focus on providing our students with a blueprint that will build on all forms of dance for fitness, posture, and development of body motor functions.

Ballet classes at D’Wilfri are for all ages teaching barre, and floor techniques. We encourage our regular students to attend Ballet for the immense benefits it provides across all disciplines of dancing.

Pre-Ballet (3- 4 yrs.)

We love working with your little kids to help them learn basic positions in Ballet. This is really helpful in developing coordination and balance.

Beginner / Level 1 – 2 (5 yrs. min.)

We know that challenges set, and achieved help build self-confidence. Here we start to introduce dance combinations, ballet terminology, and more.

Level 3

We will invite you to learn basic barre, balance, and floor technique.

Level 4

Skills are refined, and more advanced barre, and floor techniques are taught. We want to get you to the next level.

Level 5 (Advanced)

As you learn to master this graceful and elegant dance, we will train you in “en pointe” and provide additionally challenging routines and techniques.

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